Our Philosophy

Our customers can count on worldwide product availability and our mobile service units including a thorough training of your employees.

Our specialists represent the expertise of the entire HANSA-FLEX group which is based upon a worldwide network as well as an intensively supported know-how transfer within the group together with the preparedness of all partners to enhance performance and cut costs.

The experiences and technical information from co-operations with more than 90.000 clients worldwide within almost every business sectors (such as the shipbuilding industry, aviation and aerospace technologies, construction industries or within agriculture and forestry) are systematically gathered, registered and are recallable for every following order to help finding the ideal solution.

Leadership in production and logistics of hydraulic connexions within the fluid technologies is not just a comfortable status quo for us but rather a challenge for a intelligent and constant amelioration of our performance.

The expertise of leading specialists is multiplied. We understand our services at HANSA-FLEX not to be a non-commital solitary business but a close and affiliated network of experienced specialists of various areas concerning the manufacturing and logistics for connexion elements for the fluid technology. Via this sophisticated network our capacities including all performances are available from one source worldwide. That is our perception of synergy.

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